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Greener Shades $12.79
Greener Shades $8.95
Greener Shades $79.99
Greener Shades $69.99

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Knit Picks $32.99
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Ashford $11.99
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Artigina $5.49
Artigina $22.99$17.25
Artigina From: $29.99$25.49
Artigina From: $29.99$25.49

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A wool that dyes perfectly. I have tested the Greener Shades dyes, food dyes, KoolAid and drink additives (Like Mio) and in all cases I have only great colors. Thanks to give us those wonderful bare yarn!
Johanne Lepage / Website
Very helpful guide and easy to understand. There are endless possibilities! Love that there is a non-toxic/metal free dyeing option out there.
Elise M. / Website
I bought twice from Artigina and was very happy each time. I found the choice of color interesting and different from what I normally see elsewhere! Thumbs up!
Karine Larose / Website
There are women whose passion inspires, Gina Morin is a woman of passion. Her textile creations as well as her knitting achievements make her a source of inspiration. We have only one desire to discover her more.
Jocelyne Gailloux / Website